April and the pennies - paddy boy and the pennies love and inspiration

Very friendly, great service. “We are best known for our Eggs Benny, but if you like something sweet the Belgian Waffles are my favorite!” We were told as we walked through the door and he couldn’t have been more spot on. The coffee is strong and the food is great, we will be back @ Moonpennies.

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To clean – wash with soap and water.  For Annie’s brushes, I like to use my hubby’s Paul Mitchell conditioner ( shhh, don’t tell him ) it leaves them feeling soft, silky and new!

While most 1953 pennies were the NSF variety, by late 1953, the lower relief “shoulder fold” or “shoulder strap” variety had become the standard obverse design for the pennies of this series. A small number of the 1953 pennies were struck with newly upgraded dies and are tough to find.  They can sell anywhere from $25 to several hundreds of dollars at auction.

If you’re lucky enough to have leftovers, this soup is great reheated for lunches all week but even better, it freezes perfectly!

Ultimately, I decided to lay all the pennies heads-up and facing the same direction. The only exceptions were Canadian coins or wheat pennies, which I put face down. I also collected the birth dates of friends and family who contributed, along with a few other important years of my life. For those “special” pennies, I’ve scattered them throughout the squares, but kept them heads up facing the opposite direction. It’s really subtle, but my friends had fun trying to find their birth year. I also added ones for the year I graduated college, the year my house was built, the year I bought my house, my parent’s anniversary, etc. Special years to me.

“Since June of 2010, our children have spent a combined 30 months in the hospital or at the Ronald McDonald house in Cincinnati,
requiring our family to be separated by 400 miles for many months at a time. My other children and I have made the trip back and forth from the hospital nearly 70 times! As you can imagine, this is no small task on a teacher’s salary. We have been very blessed by your generous contribution and look forward to calmer times when we can help others and pay it forward.” –-Andrew (Eliza’s father)

Hearing a businessman scream on a golf course about shoving 3,000 pennies into his anus daily is notable on its own, but in 1998, when televised comedy was restricted to premium channels, low-ebb SNL and MadTV, it was a breath of fresh air.

With the first, I was cleaning out her old bedroom. In a vanity drawer, I found a penny. Again, I knew it was from her. And yesterday, it happened again, only more obvious. I was driving to a local big box store and passed by an ice cream stand my mother and I used to frequent in the spring, summer and fall. The last time I’d gone there had been with her, in September. Just for the heck of it, I decided to stop and get my usual ice cream.

I just made this and it was to tomatoey. It made a huge casserole. I have enough to take to church here social. It was ok but not like my mommas

April and The Pennies - Paddy Boy and The Pennies Love And InspirationApril and The Pennies - Paddy Boy and The Pennies Love And InspirationApril and The Pennies - Paddy Boy and The Pennies Love And InspirationApril and The Pennies - Paddy Boy and The Pennies Love And Inspiration